10 Signs of False Teacher

Our teachers are not perfect, even as neither our parents nor we are perfect. So they, like we, fall prey to falsehood. It is harder on those in authority when they fall, so pray for them, Romans 13. Meanwhile, it is also incumbent on the believer to TEST anyone who claims something is Biblical, especially if a teacher. And you test, with the Word. If you find out a teaching is false, ASK GOD if you should do anything about it. Often, the answer is “no”, but of course the meanwhile, you don’t believe what is false, yourself.

This video shows some of the most-common categories of false teaching ‘out there’. Some of it is merely mistaken, and as the teacher grows in the Word, he will grow out of his mistakes (just as we should). But the majority will be false teachers: that has been true since Adam. People prefer falsehood, and man being vulnerable to mass approval, will mostly cater to that approval. That too, has been true since Adam. So it is up to you, whether before the Lord you accept or reject, absent homework in the Word.

This video, with the other Lie Detection videos, is designed to facilitate that homework. Obviously, then, you test the videos themselves, before the Lord. For that’s how you grow, spiritually, by testing using the Word of God — with God! Be sure to breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, or you’re wasting your time, no Spirit in you.

The 10 Signs of False Teacher:
I. He sells false gospels, saves No One.
II. He calls himself a ‘prophet’ who gets ‘revelation from the Lord’.
III. He childishly ‘reads’ spirituality as body stuff and/or ritual, miracles.
IV. He claims you do NOT need to name your sins to God.
V. He claims God is NOT Trinity, or that Christ was NOT God (i.e., Angel or not God ’til after the Cross).
VI. He claims Rapture is invalid, or is not pre-Trib.
VII. He claims Church began in Abraham’s tent, Church REPLACED, or Jews not true Israelites.
VIII. He claims ‘respectability’.
IX. He claims he’s teaching ‘the one true faith’ or similar exclusive claim.
X. He advocates political activism.

Falsehood stubbornly believed rots the brain. Literally. As time progresses, the individual clinging to falsehood will buy ever more of it in wider categories, and his ability to process information declines. The soul becomes narrow and prickly, taking offense when none is given; legalism increases, as does pettiness. God is no longer of interest, but only His Name, like a badge of ego preening. These are the hallmarks of spiritual decline, “earthly things” of Romans 8 and Philippians 3. Mental decline follows, to the point that even PLAIN BIBLE LANGUAGE on the topic one refuses to believe, cannot be read. The falsehood is loved too much. No point reasoning with the person, even the Bible itself, is now unintelligible to him.

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